Trafford publication 2006

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 Asta Lindskog had only ten minutes for her lunch break at mobile phone giant Ericsson’s canteen in Stockholm. And the soup was too hot. She stirred the soup with the spoon. Her thoughts drifted to the looming war in the hope that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain could persuade Adolph Hitler not to make war. If not, how would the future be for little Eric and sweet Signe, her children of four and two? And the spoon moved quickly. “Calm down”, she ordered herself, “ it will not come to the worst”. Realizing that the soup was suddenly too cold, her mind jumped: “Sweden will hardly see a mild winter if navies at war churn and turn the Baltic Sea about as I just did with the soup.” The war started within a few weeks and all countries around the Baltic Sea experienced the coldest winter in more than 100 years.

Tony Blair was sure that Neville Chamberlain’s persuasion policy was bound to fail when naval vessels of the Deutsche Kriegsmarine took position in the North Atlantic, in August 1939. He felt it was time to present his yet strongest belief, “that there is no bigger long-term question for the global community than the threat of climate change”. He hitchhiked to Munich but none of the leading Nazi gave him the chance to express his concern on global climate matters. No one wanted to listen to an anonymous young man. Hitler wanted a war and started it on 1st September 1939, which caused climate to shift the course immediately. Our earth cooled down for four decades.

In late summer 1939, Asta and Tony were fiction but the climate changes caused by war at sea were very real, as the book will explain in great detail.



 This colored edition is based on the edition published by TRAFFORD Publishing, Victoria/Canada, in 2006, presenting all graphs and pictures only in black/white, which is also available on: Although the different editions are widely synonym, it is to note that each publication stands alone with regard to style, layout and text and therefore may differs to some extent from the other publication under the same title.